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Running scripts with more threads

bchandu141bchandu141 Members
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I am unable to run the scripts by giving threads count more than one. Scripts are failing with more count as 10 and if the count is less as 2 or 3 scripts are running individually i.e no 2 tests are running simultaneously.

I want to test my Applications performance. How can I apply Load?



  • Hi bchandu

    I don't think Sahi is quite the right tool for performance testing. As I as well experienced, the more threads you have, the more increases the possibility of unexpected errors. Maybe narayan could explain why this is happening. Executing different scripts does well with many threads, but 10 parallel executions of a single scripts fails 50-80%

    That tests aren't running simultaneously can be changed in the but i think this isn't recommended:
    # Time (in milliseconds) between tests. Increase this if you get random connection refused exceptions or if tests hang after some time. units milliseconds
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