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Need better support on Sahi/Ruby!!!

NaomiCNaomiC Members
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We have used Sahi for several months now and encountered some roadblocks along the way. We'd like to see the following additions before considering to upgrade to the Pro version.

1. Better documentation on the ruby driver
The current API docs are only for Sahi/JavaScript and the RDoc on Sahi is obviously out of date. Sometimes, we have to look into the JDoc to find out the possible equivalent Ruby version of the JS methods. Ideally, the API docs should give examples in all 3 supported languages (Sahi/Ruby/Java) for each function.

2. Either playback function in Ruby controller or export to Ruby function in Sahi controller
Since only the JS controller is able to play back a set of scripts, we usually have to play back a piece of code in Sahi controller in order to make sure it's working and then translate into the equivalent Ruby version ourselves, which is highly inefficient. Nonetheless, we don't know the equivalent ruby functions sometimes. We'd like to see the Ruby controller have the playback functionality. Alternatively, we want to be able to export Sahi scripts to Ruby using the Sahi controller.

3. A list of key codes for all keys, especially for the control keys (Enter/Tab/Shift/Alt/Ctrl/Arrow_Keys etc.). We have spent quite some time to figure out how to get certain key press to work. It'd be convenient if that information can be found in one obvious place so we don't have to hunt around.

4. Tabbing needs to work.

5. Sahi ruby gem needs to get updated with the latest version.

I hope the above issues can be looked at and addressed by someone from Sahi sooner rather than later.


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