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Sahi stability issues - how to debug "did not complete in 150 seconds"

globalwormingglobalworming Moderators
edited December 2013 in Sahi - Open Source
Hey guys

when running test suites there are too often unexplained failures. I can't figure out a pattern but from 50 scripts, 1 or 2 will just fail because "step XY did not complete in 150 seconds". I tried to mess around with the values in the file, increased everything (time between steps etc) but still no improvement.

Does anyone of the developers know where to step into the code to get some meaningfull exceptions?


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  • narayannarayan Administrators
    Hi Wormi,

    We see that we do get some unexplained errors (around 1%). In Sahi Pro, we have added a functionality to log failed scripts into another suite. When Jenkins fails, we rerun the failed scripts suite. Jenkins is configured to fail if failed-scripts-suite fails. Normally the tests work properly when rerun. You could try that out.

  • Hey :)

    tried Sahi Pro as you asked me to do and can easily reproduce the problem by decreasing the time between steps to some low value like 1 ms.
    _sahi._popup("popWin")._sahi._click(_sahi._link("Link Test"))< did not complete in 1.5 seconds.

    Increasing the time does not help, as we get errors like "did not complete in 640 seconds". Though it is just 1% of the time, it means that I have to look into automated runs daily. And honestly, 1% false negatives is not really industrial standard.

    Ok, building that rerun workaround is no big deal, but getting to the root of that problem would be nice. I will proceed digging into the code.

  • ThierryThierry Members
    Hi Narayan,

    is there a solution for this issue ?

    Thank you.
  • Hi,

    I still git this issue wit Sahi Pro and it 50% time at least.

    Thank you
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