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Running Sahi as a service within a distributed continuous integration for multiple teams

I see that Sahi comes with tools for distributed execution using drun and some other options. But from what I gather, this kicks off the run, but it is not a service to handle buffering/queuing of multiple requests from different sources.

What we are hoping to do at our end, is to have our Continuous Integration be able to use a Sahi "farm" where different teams can request that their Sahi suites get run, and it queues jobs if there are existing ones already running.

I could build my own controller, but I am wanting to know how other people have tackled this:
  • Are there off the shelf tools that handle this? PushToTest TestMaker looked like it might, but the documentation there is pretty thin
  • Are people just wrapping drun in a CI agent?
  • Or is my only option to build my own web service to process and queue requests?


  • Hi,

    Can you please let us know why you need a queue for the jobs? Sahi node will execute the scripts based on the capacity. It will keep executing the scripts of all the jobs. If it has the capacity to run, it will run. Else it will be in the queue.

    Please let us know if you are facing any issues. You can also use Jenkins to trigger the tests automatically. If you trigger the tests from the same Jenkins job, it can be handled at Jenkins level as well.

    Hope this helps.
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