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Re-run failed tests

Due to unstable work of Sahi, tests sometimes fail. It is very difficult or even impossible investigate the problem. When you re-run manually the failed test, it passes.
So it would be a great solution to avoid false positives by re-running tests if they failed when suite is executed.
Our suite is a part of Continuous Integration process implemented by Jenkins.

Could anyone give advise how to implement rerunning failed tests automatically while suite execution?

Thanks in advance!


  • narayannarayan Administrators
    Hi Rostyslav Apostol,

    This feature is in-built in Sahi Pro. For open source, you could try to
    1) execute your suite via ANT target
    2) if failed, parse logs and create a new suite (write a java/external program and call from ANT)
    3) if new suite exists, execute new suite.
    4) Fail build only if new suite fails.

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