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Integrating Fiddler Proxy with Sahi Pro

Hello All,

I wanted to integrate Fiddler proxy with Sahi the way it can be done with Selenium webdriver.
Sahi should be able to send and receive commands through fiddler proxy and fiddler should be able to capture the network traffic.

Any pointers could be of great use.

Thanks a lot.


  • Is the problem the same as with Charles Proxy? Charles Proxy doesn't capture traffic to localhost (sometimes) so in theory, changing the "localhost" request to this url is a solution:
    I don't think userdata properties allow a change in Sahi so that it can point to I couldn't find a solution, but all I needed was errors from the console log, so this was my solution: I added this to my chrome flags:
    --enable-logging --log-level=0
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