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Can't work after redirection to other domain

I have the following issue:
I would like to test payment method in shop service so I go through steps in basket and then click link to site with payment methods. This site is opened with the same window but it has other domain and ssl.
I tried follwing methods but my test always stops on site with payment methods and in log i have:
Step >_alert("test"));< did not complete in 150 seconds."

My script looks following:

// Here i have code that make order int the shop .....

// Click link that open site with payment methods (this site has different domaint than shop with ssl )

//Choose Domain that is on payment method site

// When the payment method site is opened i try anythind for example open alert box

Its not only about playint test the same issue is when i try to use record in sahi controller:

When i record steps on my internet shop: it s ok , but when i click link _click(_image("PayU")); and try record anything on payment site: , recorder doesn't record anything on that site. It looks that sahi has no contact with that site.
What can I do?


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