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Chrome doesn't close after a test - sahi v44


I use sahi Open Source (sahi_v44_20130429-patch from Squash TA Tools box).
I run my tests via testrunner.bat in an eclipse-based environnement
the three arguments passed to this command are :

<my sahi script>.sah
<my_browser> (chrome or firefox ... I can't use IE 10 with this sahi version for the moment)

All is fine when I use firefox : the tests run and the browser is closed at end.
But when I use chrome the browser stay open !

Has someone faced this issue and can give me some help please ?

Here are extracts from my XML browser file :

<path>$ProgramFiles\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe</path>
<options>-profile "$userDir/browser/ff/profiles/sahi$threadNo" -no-remote</options>

<options>--user-data-dir=$userDir\browser\chrome\profiles\sahi$threadNo --proxy-server=localhost:9999 --disable-popup-blocking</options>


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