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How to allow different users log in if it's 401 authorization mode?

Log in as user1 which has privilege 1
do sth

Log in as user2 which has privilege 2
do other things

But above log in is not from log in form. It's single sign on. Sahi prompts 401 authentication page when user 1 log in. But it seems unless we kill Sahi and re-open a new Sahi, there is no way for Sahi to prompt 401 authentication page for user 2 to input user name and password. Sahi reuses user 1 info for test 2. So, we can not execute above two tests in a suite.

I tried to use _sahi.sendToServer("/_s_/dyn/SessionState_removeAllCredentials");

But it doesn't work. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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