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Negative testing

HI Team,
i want to write script for negative testing of my application.Please help me out with this.i need to capture all the validation messages that are popping up in my application.Below is my script
_setValue(_textbox("username"), "501210786");
_setValue(_password("password"), "Pa77word");
_click(_submit("Sign In"));
_click(_link("AFFILIATE CARRIAGE"));
_setValue(_textbox("dealMemoTitle"), "test12345");
_setValue(_textarea("description"), "test12345");
_setValue(_textbox("dealMemoDate"), "03/11/2015");
_setValue(_textbox("totalValue"), "-102250");
_click(_listItem("Total Value (Exact Amount):* Please enter valid Amount/Value."));
_setValue(_textbox("ocfBudget"), "3000");
_click(_listItem("Variance Vs. Current Deal:"));
_setValue(_textbox("varianceDeal"), "abcd");
_click(_label("Variance Vs. Current Deal:"));
_setSelected(_select("companies"), ["Sparrowhawk International Channels Limited"]);
_setSelected(_select("directors"), ["Joanna Sherlock"]);
_click(_listItem("OCF Variance Vs. Current Budget:"));
--Stopped Playback: SUCCESS--


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