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JavaConstructor for "net.sf.sahi.plugin.DBClient"withArguments"string,string,string,string"NotFound

I am a beginner in Sahi Automation Tool.

I set the following changes to run my script.
1) In Sahi/Userdata/bin
SET SAHI_EXT_CLASS_PATH=%EXT_CLASS_PATH%;d:\Sahi\extlib\db\mysql_connector_java_5.1.34_bin.jar;
2) Downloaded and installed the 64 bit ODBC drivers (AccessDatabaseEngine.exe)
3) Set the proxy and port in

Here is my code.

var db = _getDB("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver","jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver(*.xlsx)};DBQ=d:\\Sahi\\userdata\\scripts\\My_works\\Login.xlsx;readOnly=false","","");
if(db != null)
var $rs ="select * from [Sheet1$]");

I am encountering below ERROR.
--Stopped Playback: FAILURE--

Kindly help me please.
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