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Unexpected lag on Chrome

Hi guys,

I have a strange problem using Sahi with Chrome.

_setSelected(_select("PARAMS_ROTATION"), "90°");
_setSelected(_select("format"), "Project");
_setSelected(_select("PARAMS_ROTATION"), "270°");

My code is pretty simple, I click on a button export, then choose an option and confirm the download of the file with another click on a button. The file downloads in download tab in Chrome (in the bottom of the window) then I want to do the same thing again.

The first download is OK but then it takes between 2mn and 2mn and 4 sec for each instruction ! In Log, I've got this :

_click(_link({title:"Export"})); at 8 sept. 2014 09:26:24
_setSelected(_select("format"), "Project"); at 8 sept. 2014 09:28:29
_click(_link("OK")); at 8 sept. 2014 09:30:29
_setSelected(_select("PARAMS_ROTATION"), "270°"); at 8 sept. 2014 09:32:33
_click(_link("Export")); at 8 sept. 2014 09:34:33

Any idea why ??



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