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Sahi Pro with phantom JS - Not able to run my own scripts headless

petemcleanpetemclean Members
edited August 2014 in Sahi Pro
Using mac for this issue.
I have followed your guide to running the scripts headless using the demos that are provided.
BUT when I try and run my own scripts nothing happens !
It stops running after 150 (so says the logs)

When I select the phantom js option in the browser list I then wait for the terminal to pop up, I then try the following command:
bash myscript.sah phantomjs
It then begns and then nothing it looks like its running but it isnt. And then like I said, stops after 150 seconds.
I have ran the script in browser and works fine, just headless it wont do it.

Do I have to amend the file to get things working ?
Currently at a loss here, any help would be appreciated!


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