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File Upload Issue IN IE8 using _setFile()

raosgmraosgm Members
edited July 2014 in Sahi - Open Source
Hi ,
I am facing problem in uploading file using sahi on our AUT.
I tried the option of changing the field type to txt and setting the value but din't help.Sahi doesn't throw any error either, file is not uploaded in the end.
Pls Help.

Browser IE8
OS Windows Xp2
Sahi V3.5 OS

Thanks in advance,



  • raosgmraosgm Members
    Hi Guys,

    Any help, pls I'm stuck in this issue..

  • raosgm,
    Can you try the below statement to upload the file?
    _setFile2(_file_identifier, attachFilePath, urlToUpload);
    i.e, we cannot open any os related popups to browse the file location and select the file from sahi. and the element (browse button beside any upload field) is identified as _file element. In the above statement, you can get the urlToUpload from sahi console once you try to upload file to your applicaiton manually.
    Even after the execution of the above statement in debug mode you will not be able to see the file name in the textbox of attach file field. For that we have to explicitly set the textbox value to filename
    I hope this helps, I use the same piece of code to upload file.
  • raosgmraosgm Members
    Hi soumya,

    Thanks for help.I have tried the _setfile2(). It works for Mozilla. But ie i'm still facing problem.

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