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How to get dynamic IDs of a webpage?

sridatta_spsridatta_sp Members
edited July 2014 in Sahi - Open Source
We have a usecase where creation of a newly object gets dynamic id and we have to pass that id in drag and drop feature, so how do we do it?

Create a object 'abc' ; its id is shown as _div("dynamic")
Create same object by name 'def' ; its id is shown as _div("dynamic[1]");
Continue same now id is shown for third object as _div("dynamic[2]");

Now how to capture this id as shown in above example, please help


  • You can do it by regular expression something like
    _div("/dynamic/");//drag the div
    StrictVisibility should be set to true to ensure that the elements availible in the current screen are only being used to perform the actions specified
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