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Navigating to multiple browsers with a single sahi script and single run instance

donaraldonaral Members
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I want to prepare a single sahi script that can navigate to one url with Internet Explorer 8 and another url with Google Chrome. This is because there is a rather long scenario where we test 2 different applications that are both dependent to the above browsers.
I don't want to split the seperate browser navigations to seperate .sah files because it is required to run the end-to-end scenario at once.

I researched the forum for cross browser testing, but I understand that method requires either multiple test runs or multiple sessions which is not desirable in this case.

Is it possible to do this with the open source version 35? (as we did not upgrade to v44 because of other limitations)

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  • donaraldonaral Members
    edited June 2014
    can anyone please help with this question?
  • I'm not an expert, but I'll try to answer your question anyway as I have tried to do something similar. I'm almost 100% certain this can't be done. You can only ever run a script in one specific browser. The best you can do is open a new tab, but you can't open a new browser and continue executing the same script. If you want to use two different browsers you will have to split your test into multiple scripts.
    What exactly is preventing you from making two scripts and running them side by side? Even if you did manage to do it in one script, you would still have two browsers and no guarantee of the actions actually being executed simultaneously.
    I could think of a Workaround to synchronise both scripts, but it's pretty clumsy and perhaps not what you'd want to do.
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