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Problems with MouseHover

amascheroniglbamascheroniglb Members
edited May 2014 in Sahi - Open Source
I cannot do mouseOver using the Sahi Controller, or Sahi with Java.

This the URL:,%20Argentina%20(BUE)&from_city1=BUE&vuelos_destino=C%C3%B3rdoba,%20Argentina%20(COR)&to_city1=COR&flex=1&vuelos_fecha_salida=18/JUN/2014&vuelos_fecha_salida_ddmmaaaa=18/06/2014&vuelos_fecha_regreso=15/JUL/2014&vuelos_fecha_regreso_ddmmaaaa=15/07/2014&cabina=Y&nadults=1&nchildren=0&ninfants=0

what I'm trying to do is to mouseOver the cells in the price matrix container (where the diferent prices are located). When I manually do mouseOver on the cell, the font of the price is turned to "white", I want to do that using Sahi.

I tried with _mouseOver(priceElement) or with browser.priceElement.mouseOver(), and even with browser.priceElement.hover(), but anyone works for me.

Sorry for my English.

I hope you understand what I mean, and you can help me.

Thanks in advance.
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