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Issue with setting value in textbox and drodown selection in Sahi 4.3 with IE9

JinjuJinju Members
edited March 2014 in Sahi - Open Source
Operating System : Win 7 (64 bit)
Sahi 4.3 (OS)
Browser : IE9

We have in our application a CELL which on double click raises a pop-up which infact has a Textbox, a Dropdown which by default has a value, & a Submit Button. If I enter a value in the textbox, select a value in dropdown & click Submit button, it gets saved and displayed in the CELL which was double clicked earlier. Similarly there are various cells in the page which could be double clicked.

The problem that I faced in IE9 is that the script enters value into textbox using setValue. But on clicking Submit button the data is not getting saved. Later it was understood that though I could see the data being set in textbox in UI, in the background it is not being set and somehow it behaves like Submit button is clicked with a blank value in textbox.

I was able to solve this by adding a step to 'focus' on the textbox before setting the value. This issue was not there in IE8.

Now again I'm faced with similar problem when selecting a value in dropdown. The value is getting reset to the default value. Here again I used focus before value selection in dropdown but even that did not help. The dropdown we have is a 'Select' object that has 'Options' objects under it as the dropdown values.

Is there a way to solve this? Will all these problems be resolved if I move to IE10 by keeping the same Sahi?


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