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Sahi Recording

sanket.pattekarsanket.pattekar Members
edited March 2014 in Sahi - Open Source

I am using Sahi 4.4 for my web automation in IE9. All the events are recorded correctly, except the ones that are on a popup menu.

To explain further, there is a button on a page that pops up a list of URL's as a menu item.
Sahi Captures the click on button, but does not capture clicks on any links that appear in the popup menu item.
The play back also fails if I add it manually.

When I debug the script (concat.js), I can see that sahi has added the event listner to all the link elements in the popup menu. However when I click any links in the popup menu, the onEv method never gets called. Hence the actions are not recorded.

Is there any way I can record/replay the actions on the links in the popup menu

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