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Selecting a dropdownList in Java Version on Flex Application

arunviswanathanarunviswanathan Members
edited February 2014 in Sahi Pro
I am new to Sahi. I downloaded SahiPro last week to test the Flex application. The recording on the "sahi" version work well and I can playback the recordings. Now I want to record the java version. I didn't see a playback on the java version of the Sahi. So I copied all the recorded test-cases to the eclipse and the dropdown selection is not working. In eclipse it shows a compile time error
b.flex("FlexSelenium").find("s_dropdownlist", "ddSector").setSelected("Printing");
it says The method setSelected(String) is underfined for the type FlexElementStub.
tried different ways but no success. If anyone help me to solve this issue its great.

I had compiled the application with the corresponding SWC.All other components are working well, and for the sahi version no issues are there. Only issue is there in the java test.

Arun Viswanathan
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