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Unable to click / highglight extjs objects from sahi controller of latest SAHI v5.1

lkolluru7lkolluru7 Members
edited January 2014 in Sahi Pro
I tried to click / highlight an object of extjs code, using near operation, but failed to do so.

From sahi controller, I am getting the accessor as --- textbox("x-form-text x-form-field id-domain-name x-form-invalid", _near(_label("Authentication system:")))

When i am saying -- _click(_textbox("x-form-text x-form-field id-domain-name x-form-invalid", _near(_label("Authentication system:")))); from sahi controller, it is throwing error as -- TypeError: a.parentNode is null
Same issue is seen with highlight as well.

It is quiet confusing to me, as sahi controller itself is identifying the object and it itself is not able to click or highlight the object it is identifying

NOTE: This issue is seen with extjs objects using sahi v 5.1.. older version of SAHI is working fine.

Please help me resolving this issue.


  • goyalsachigoyalsachi Administrators
    Hi lkolluru7,

    While identifying the element by hover-over the cursor on the element the identifier might have been changed. Please try with the alternatives given in controller for the element.

  • Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for the reply. Other alternatives are working except this. We want this to be working because, it has an understandable name in identification like "id-domain-name". So, usually while automating, we are giving like--- _click(_textbox("/id-domain-name/", _near(_label("Authentication system:")))); -- which is very much readable for test developers.

    We automated many test cases using older version of sahi, where it was working perfectly fine. But, with the latest version, error -- TypeError: a.parentNode is null -- is seen.

    It is very difficult to change all of them.

    Please suggest.

  • lkolluru7lkolluru7 Members
    edited January 2014
    To add more..

    When cursor is hovered on the field alone (without using near ), i am not seeing x-string (x-form-text x-form-field id-domain-name x-form-invalid). But, when i select near option from the controller, it gives me this x-string in the alternatives with near function. In older version of sahi, when cursor is hovered on the field alone, x-string used to be there in alternatives list.

    I am not aware if any thing is changed related to x-string in latest sahi version. Not all fields' x-strings are displayed on a browser. x-string comes up for few and not for others. Please help me understand why it is so, and come to a conclusion.

  • Its been nice to go through your post.
    It has given me much knowledge & so many valuable information.

    I'm feeling very nice to be here. so enjoyable... ;) ;) ;)
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