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_assertTrue(_isVisible("Some Text")) is failing even though the same text is present on the page

sgupta2sgupta2 Members
edited January 2014 in Sahi Pro
I am using the following statement _assertTrue(_isVisible("XYZ")) , to assert the presence of XYZ on a page. Even though XYZ is present on the page, the assertion is failing.

Please suggest what could have been going wrong?


  • Hi sgupta,
    Your assert statement should include the proper accessor of the element "XYZ".
    eg, if its a div, it should be like:
    or a button would be like:
    and so on..

    Hope this helps.

  • For making - well not entirely - sure that some text is present *somewhere*, you could
    or maybe
    _assertContainsText("Sometext", document.body)
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