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Sahi_error: Suite files won't show failed tests

joymac1000joymac1000 Members
edited December 2013 in Sahi Pro
When I go to look at my logs and try to view the suite report data showing me any errors. There is no data. Why? When I click on Logs I get Sahi_error. Uninstalled and installed. Still broken.

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    Hi joymac,
    I am assuming you are facing this issue with Sahi Pro
    The problem that you are facing is because while upgrading Sahi to v5.1.0.0, your previous userdata folder is retained and the new userdata folder is avalable in
    The problem is that the logging related changes are not present in your older userdata folder which is still being used.
    Please refer to the following documentation for upgrading Sahi to v5.1.0.0: Sahi

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