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Using proxies ?

pitichoupitichou Members
edited December 2013 in Sahi Pro

Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone can give me advice on the use of proxies with Sahi.

My use is as follows, I perform tests with SAHI on a site with a loop.
This site blocking me after a number of tests. To continue, I have to change my IP address. So I want to use proxies (French).
I'll buy them on this site:

Someone has it ever been in this situation?

Thank you in advance


  • Proxy is nothing but an online server or a system, in the computer networks, which processes the client's request and forwards it to the specified server. With help of proxy server, you can surf the internet anonymously and secure your personal data from the internet hackers.You can set up a proxy on your computer or Laptop just buy some secure proxy from the online proxy provider and manually add in your proxy network. If you're looking for a secure proxy visit here:
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