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exists statement in if loop for a popup page

b_nagapadminib_nagapadmini Members
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Hi ,
Have a case were i need to check if an image icon is present inside a popup if yes need to take some action else something else.
So i taught of using if statement along with _exists:
if(_popup("/.*/")._exists(_image("iconActionSearchSpyGlass.png"))== true)
but tis is not working
if i use it like this
if(_exists(_image("iconActionSearchSpyGlass.png"))== true)
even though image is there its showed as not displayed.
what can i do for this?

Best Answer


  • also tried tis
    but getting error as
    _sahi.saveCondition("__lastConditionValue__0", _exists(_popup("/Modal.*/")._image("iconActionSearchSpyGlass.png"))) SahiNotMyWindowException: Window with name [/Modal.*/] not found No trace available Click for browser script
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