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How can I access data of a page which gets loaded upon scrolling down the website?

apgarg1512apgarg1512 Members
edited November 2013 in Sahi Pro
I am working on a website that employs lazy loading i.e. the page content is displayed when user scrolls down the website. I want to access the content of such a page. Is there a way to achieve this?


  • will this work?
    _call(window.scrollTo(0,500)); 50o- y co-odrinates for scrolling.

  • Hi apgarg,
    You can either scroll the entire page using javascript (CKBhavita's answer above) and then perform actions on the elements (which should all be loaded).
    Or, you can scroll upto a point where you know that the element will have loaded(by checking how much to scroll to load that particular element) and then perform actions on it.

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