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How can you display a composed message that typed-in in the email compose window?

tsivatsiva Members
edited October 2013 in Sahi - Open Source
I was trying to record and replay a message in an email compose text area but unable to display the typedin message, the script ran successfully though. I have enered a mesage (This is test message) text in the Value field on the Controller and clicked Set button but that value is not showing in the text area during sahi script recording. Alternatively i have typed in the same message in the compose window and then hovered the message and set the value into the script. But when replaying the script the message wasn't displayed in the compose window. The script has passed though. Could someone help me for setting the value through controller set button during recording and to display the message during replay? Here is my script:
_setValue(_paragraph(45), "This is my test message");

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