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Sahi Script hangs

srikanthrsrikanthr Members
edited October 2013 in Sahi Pro
I have written a script with a flow like
1-delete a user
2-Confirmation message appears, click yes.
3-user should perfom some actions after this, but there is a problem at this step sahi does not fire any operation to the browser and go to hanged state however when I refresh the page manually it fires the commands. To fix this i used "_navigateTo("http://localhost:8080",true);" in my script this was of no help.

The log says ERROR [150716 ms] [12:13:21.292]
Step >_sahi._click(_sahi._div("test"))< did not complete in 150 seconds

Please suggest a solution to this problem.


  • Hi,
    Is the problem you're facing on IE browser or all of them?

  • It is on all the browsers
  • Hi,

    Can u try this, add a select window(of the main window where u have to perform some actions) statement after clicking confirmation message.

  • the script now hangs at select window step.
    Here is what i tried:

    Here is the output:
    Starting script
    [110 ms] [04:03:42.558]
    _click(_div("XXX")) [174 ms] [04:03:42.732]
    _click(_button("Delete")) [143 ms] [04:03:42.875]
    _click(_button("Yes")) [208 ms] [04:03:43.083]
    _selectWindow("OpenEdge Management") [74 ms] [04:03:43.157]
    ERROR [150460 ms] [04:06:13.617]
    Step >_sahi._popup("XXXXX")._sahi._click(_sahi._div("test"))< did not complete in 150 seconds.
    Total Memory in JVM (Xmx) is: 247.5 MB;
    Memory currently in use is: 25.3984375 MB;
    Memory increment during this test is: 5.734375 MB [4 ms] [04:06:13.621]
  • We had faced same issue and the problem was control was not transferred to the after steps and hence focusing/selecting the window solved the issue..
    Try to use _focus(_div("test")) or something similar to this.

    Also, just make sure of _click(_button("Yes")); this step actually closes the confirmation pop-up?
    alternatively can use _expectConfirm("confirmation msg",true) before the delete step.

    Does that only individual step _click(_div("test")); works without doing the previous steps?( like clicking delete and confirmation)
  • Thanks Bhavitha for the reply, but, none of the methods worked fine. Problem still exists

    After it clicks on Yes, confirmation dialog closes. After that, focus on div("test") is not working. no operation on browser is working.
    Individual step _click(_div("test")); works fine.

    Please suggest a solution for this.
  • Update:

    If No is clicked on confirmation message, it is working fine.
    --Stopped Playback: SUCCESS--

    Clicking Yes is creating problem
  • Hi ikolluru,
    Can you provide access to the particular html page?
    if not, could you provide us with the definitions of those buttons on the html page (yes and no buttons)?

  • It is java extjs code.
  • My script is hanging when it invokes a secured page. How do I handle this?
  • lkolluru7lkolluru7 Members
    edited December 2013
    Can someone please help looking into the hang issue. This is still an unsolved problem.
  • Also, please note that it is seen on Chrome and Firefox and not on IE browser. This seems to be a SAHI issue which is browser specific
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