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How to clear the IE9 browser Cache from SAHI?

asra_mdasra_md Members
edited September 2013 in Sahi - Open Source

I am tester and not from development background. I am using the latest version SAHI V44 and when I am running my scripts in FF or chrome, it works fine.

But when I run the same scripts in IE9 it gets failed and throws an error Unexpected: String missing at line no. 4291 of concat.js of SAHI in %sahi\htdocs\spr.

When I did root cause analysis of the problem, I came to know that there is something going wrong with the CSS files.

So, I cleared the browser Cache and it worked.

Now, I want SAHI to clear my cache after executing every script or after certain interval of time.

Kindly suggest how to achieve that or is there any other good way to handle that problem.


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