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During playback session, sahi is not able to catch some of notifications

shashi007shashi007 Members
edited August 2013 in Sahi - Open Source
Hi All,
Sahi not able to catch some of notifications which appears for few seconds during playback session.
I have already tried with increasing value of "Time between steps" field in file.

Thanks in advance

Best Answers

  • Hi,

    Can you please elaborate wot do you mean by notifications?
    Sahi does not populate any popups during playback,but still we can capture them.
    Sahi identifies three types of popups
    1.Alert 2.Confirm 3.Prompt
    If you are not sure into which category the popup falls into,
    use trial and error , initialize a string to each of the calls (i.e _lastAlert(),_lastConfirm(),_lastPrompt()) and print it so that you will know the return value. Use the appropriate call to capture the popup text.

  • Hi Sashi,
    Can you please let us know what exactly do you mean by notifications. If you are talking about javascript popup boxes, then they cannot be populated and they are not shown with sahi. They are handled differently just like Soumya mentioned above.



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