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Verifying disability of the button by Java version of Sahi

SadanaSadana Members
edited July 2013 in Sahi - Open Source

I have read many solution about how to check if the element is disabled or enabled. Those looks easy and nice to do, but so far I haven't been able to do the verification in my environment. As in the title I have said I'm using Java version, so any javascript/speudo is not clear enough for me.

When the element is disabled it looks like:
<a id ="saveButton" ng:click="storeForm()" attribute="formbuttons.labelSave" ng-disabled="!isChanged()" class="button" href disabled="disabled">Save</a>

When the element is enabled only text " disabled="disabled" " disappears.

I am able to find and use the element by

But so far I haven't been able to verify is it disabled or no. Any idea how I can get that disabled information in Java environment?


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