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Sahi Pro, batch file return codes and Quality Center

CathySoQACathySoQA Members
edited March 2013 in Sahi Pro
I am trying to get a script put together to launch a batch file to run some tests via QC and QTP, take the return code from that run and then execute sahi tests based on that return. When I use
var $didRun = _execute("C:\\runtestsetscheduler\\runtestset.bat");

All I get in the alert is RUNNING but I don;t see where the batch has been kicked off. This file has a return code that I need to grab when it is finished. I need this data prep script in QTP to complete before I try to execute some Sahi scripts. Also it seems like Sahi is keeping the OTA from actually executing. I finally managed to stop getting Invalid Server Responce from QC by adding qcbin to the exclude_inject file but the batch just hangs if Sahi is running. I'm sure it's a simple solution but I can't figure it out...

Thanks in advance,



  • kshitijitukshitijitu Moderators
    Hi Cathy,

    Can you please try to execute the batch file by the code:

    _execute("C:\\runtestsetscheduler\\runtestset.bat", true);

    and store the return code to some text file.

    Now you can write sahi code to read the text file and store code value to any variable.

    Kshitij Gupta
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