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Button click not recognized in Playback

jjaggiijjaggii Members
edited February 2013 in Sahi Pro
I am learning SAHI Pro using a Complaints Handling Process as my subject. ( This process has only one url but uses many forms. The first page of the form has only one control, which is a button labelled "start this form" When I record the clicking of this button the Recorded Steps notes this and the next page loads. But Playback doesnt see it. Here is the latest playback log.

Starting script
_setSelected(_select("Applicant_Title"), "Mr"); [110 ms] [09:44:56.962]
_setValue(_textbox("Applicant_FirstName"), "richard"); [328 ms] [09:44:57.290]
_setValue(_textbox("Applicant_LastName"), "jones"); [219 ms] [09:44:57.509]
_click(_label("2. First name")); [327 ms] [09:44:57.836]
_click(_label("3. Last name")); [219 ms] [09:44:58.055]
_assertExists(_textbox("Applicant_LastName")); [250 ms] [09:44:58.305]
_assert(_isVisible(_textbox("Applicant_LastName"))); [218 ms] [09:44:58.523]
_assertEqual("smit", _getValue(_textbox("Applicant_LastName"))); [219 ms] [09:44:58.742]
_click(_label("2. First name")); [328 ms] [09:44:59.070]
_click(_label("3. Last name")); [328 ms] [09:44:59.398]
_setValue(_textbox("Applicant_TelephoneNumber"), "01415555555"); [249 ms] [09:44:59.647]
_setValue(_textbox("Applicant_EmailAddress"), ""); [219 ms] [09:44:59.866]
_assertExists(_submit("Next »")); [218 ms] [09:45:00.084]
_assert(_isVisible(_submit("Next »"))); [219 ms] [09:45:00.303]
_assertEqual("Next »", _getValue(_submit("Next »"))); [219 ms] [09:45:00.522]
_assertExists(_submit("Next »")); [218 ms] [09:45:00.740]
_assert(_isVisible(_submit("Next »"))); [328 ms] [09:45:01.068]
_assertEqual("Next »", _getValue(_submit("Next »"))); [328 ms] [09:45:01.396]

I should add it doesnt see the "Next" button on the second page of the form either

Anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


  • Update - Here is an other example. This is what I recorded
    _click(_span("Report it[1]"));
    _click(_link("Antisocial behaviour"));
    _setSelected(_select("Applicant_Title"), "Dr");

    And this is what appears in playback and fails,

    _setSelected(_select("Applicant_Title"), "Dr");
    --Stopped Playback: FAILURE--

    The clicks are not being recorded. Why not?
    This plays back with no issue in Twist /SAHI, so why not in SAHI Pro?
  • narayannarayan Administrators
    Hi Jjaggii,

    Open concat.js and search for

    this.sendToServer('/_s_/dyn/' + this.recorderClass + '_record?' + recordQS, true);

    and replace it with

    this.sendToServer('/_s_/dyn/' + this.recorderClass + '_record?' + recordQS, false);

    clear browser cache and check.

  • Hi, I am facing a similar issue with Sahi OS. Doing what you suggested didnt help. Any news on this?
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