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Waiting for processes to finish and Java

johnclarkejohnclarke Members
edited April 2012 in Sahi - Open Source
I have a number of questions regarding Sahi:

1. When the submit button is clicked on my form a “Please Wait” dialogue appears. Unfortunately Sahi seems to continue processing when the page in this “Please Wait” dialogue appears.

Basically I want Sahi to wait until the parent window of this dialog box has completed loading. In some cases this can take up to 22 minutes(possibly longer). How can this be achieved ?

2. I notice that Sahi allows a certain amount of time for steps to be executed before moving on to the next step. Is there anyway to get Sahi to just wait until that step is complete rather than wait a specific length of time? I ask that because sometimes the system I am testing can be slow.

3. I understand that I can write Java code for tests. Is there a tutorial that explains how to go about doing this (e.g. writing, executing, etc)?

I am currently using Windows XP Pro.

I would appreciate all advice regarding this.



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