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There is any way to record facebook login api

In my web application I go for registration using Facebook but sahi not record facebook login api in script.


  • Hi Sandeep,

    Can you be more specific.Iam able to record all the steps while registering and loggingin facebook.

  • Yes,

    In my application ,I am registering through Facebook where the facebook Login window is open ans asking for credential. I put the credential and hit the Log In button that facebook integration part is not record in Sahi Script
  • Same here.

    In my case, I'm developing in localhost. Then, pressing a button, I go to facebook login to get user tokens.

    Sahi records perfectly the steps I do until I press the button to go to Seems that sahi can't detect that facebook completes initial load, even.

    Tested with behat/mink, but sahi manually too.

    The info tab on the controller is OK, all enabled. I added manually certificates for https requests.

    I don't see where the problem can be.

    Thank you.
  • narayannarayan Administrators
    Can you guys try with Sahi Pro please? It accepts certificates correctly and if it works there, we may know if the problem is in certificates. Also note that Sahi may not show the steps in the Controller but will record correctly into the script file.

  • I just downloaded sahi pro and install it.
    Execute the previous command with sahi pro, and it seems that works. At least, sahi pro recognise when facebook login has loaded.
    Where is the problem with sahi free? what can we do?

    Thank you
  • Any news about this?
  • It seems the latest OS version still does this, though I figured out why. If you are using Sahi OS, find the method net.sf.sahi.response.HttpResponse#modifyHeaders and add a line removeHeader("Content-Security-Policy");
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