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use a relative path in function _readCSVFile

wgoriswgoris Members

I have an issue with the function _readCSVFile. Can someone help me defining the relative path to open the datafile for the test?

The script is located in the directory: /home/werner/Workspaces/IMJV/trunk/automated-qa/src/main/resources/eloket/identificatie/scripts/myscript.sah

The datafile is located in the directory: /home/werner/Workspaces/IMJV/trunk/automated-qa/src/main/resources/eloket/identificatie/datafiles/inputdate.csv

I tried this command: var $dataExploitatieZetel = _readCSVFile( "../datafiles/exploitatieZetel.csv");

But I get the error: net.sf.sahi.util.FileNotFoundRuntimeException: ../../datafiles/exploitatieZetel.csv (No such file or directory).

The automated tests are included in our svn repository and are available for all my collegues. This means the home dir "/home/werner/..." is variable.

Thank you in advance.


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