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How can I retreive the url of a link as Text (not element)

PachatPachat Members
edited February 2011 in Sahi - Open Source

On a page, I have several links I want to visit
$link1=_link("Link 1").href;
$link2=_link("Link 2").href;

_alert($link1); //Correct
_navigateTo($link1,true); //Correct

_alert($link2); //Fails
_navigateTo($link2,true); //Fails either

"Link 1" is correctly visited,
But it fails to go to "Link 2"

It looks like that "Link 1" shows correctly because the link is in the initial page.
But after the move to "Link 1" page, "Link 2" is not on the "Link 1" page.

What I need for further use, is to store $link2 as Text (not element).

Any hint on how this can be acheived would be appreciated.


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