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Using suites to drive component level sah files (not end to end tests)

RensterUKRensterUK Members

As part of our ongoing investigation into Sahi, it seems likely that we might want to create something like:

Login.sah - a script to start the browser, and login as a specified user/password
Navigate.sah - a script to click a short sequence of links to get to a given page
DostuffHere.sah - there would be a number of scripts along these lines, each aimed at testing the navigated-to page
Lougout.sah - click logout, and close the browser

This of course, is as opposed to having a single "Dostuffhere.sah" that does the login, navigate, and logout itself.

I know that Suite entries obviously look a bit like:
test.sah urltostartat

Is there a way to have a test.sah that contains something like:
Login.sah username password
Navigate.sah firstlink secondlink thirdlink
DostuffHere.sah param1 param2 param3 etc




  • narayannarayan Administrators

    What you need are parametrized functions. Here is an example:
    function login($username, $password){
        _setValue(_textbox("user"), $username);
        _setValue(_password("password"), $password);
    function addBooks($numJava, $numRuby, $numPython){
        _setValue(_textbox("q"), $numJava);
        _setValue(_textbox("q[1]"), $numRuby);
        _setValue(_textbox("q[2]"), $numPython);
    function verifyTotal($total){
        _assertEqual($total, _textbox("total").value);    
    login("test", "secret");
    addBooks(2, 1, 1);

  • Narayan,

    Thats fine, but in time we would have a huge number of functions, such as login for example would be common across many tests - and so we would need to create funtion libraries.

    Is it possible to just do a sort of "include commonfunctions.sah" - or did I read somewhere that each and every function in such a library would need declaring? If so, can you point me to a link on how this is done?!

    Many thanks again for your help - you're a star!

  • narayannarayan Administrators
    Hi Steve,

    You can move all the common functions into another file and just include it using _include.

    Have a look at this: and

    You do not need to declare them explicitly. You just need to include your commonfunctions.sah wherever you need those functions.

  • Fab stuff,

    Thanks again Narayan!

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