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Can we record Mouse Movements using Sahi

wasimhbrwasimhbr Members
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Hey Guys explored Sahi for one of our projects and i am looking forward to propose this tool. But i am caught up with on major issue. I am unable to record any mouse movements.

Can we do some kind of low level recording as in QTP to record mouse movements. Can we record some thing like drag and drop features.

It would be of gr8 help if any one would let me know how to achieve this using Sahi.


  • narayannarayan Administrators
    Hi wasimhbr,

    Mouse movements are not automatically recorded by Sahi. For hovering a mouse over an element, use _mouseOver(element), for drag and drop use _dragDrop(draggableEl, droppableEl)

  • wasimhbrwasimhbr Members
    Hi Narayan,

    The requirement is some thing like this.....I need hold mouse right click and keep moving mouse on a image for 3 to 4 times.

    can this be achieved?
  • wasimhbrwasimhbr Members
    edited May 2010
    Hi Narayan,

    I tried using the drag and drop function provided by you, It does not work though.
    I am unable to drag and drop. below is my sample code.

    _dragDrop(_image("thumb"), _image("viewportImage[1]"));

    please let me know how to go about this ?

    My above question is how can i record mouse movements holding right mouse click. Any approach u suggest ?
  • narayannarayan Administrators
    Hi Wasimhbr,

    The drop element would mostly be the element encapsulating that viewportImage. You will have to figure out where to drop correctly. You could ask your developer about it.

    The right click mouse move is not supported out of the box right now. If you really need it, we may give you a work around for that. Please email for that, since it looks like we may need more information.

  • wasimhbrwasimhbr Members
    Thanks Narayan,
    You Rock !!!

    The issue is fixed now, Drag and drop works fine. Its the encapsulating element where we need to drop the image thumbnail.

    I will send out a separate email as suggested by you to support at sahi on mouse movements recording.
  • ravimravim Members
    Hi narayana and Wasimhbr,

    I am also facing same problem while drag and drop images. Could please send me the work around to my mail id

    Thanks in advance
  • ravimravim Members
    The requirement is there are four layouts in the View port and each layout displayed as _canvs("blank1") to _canvs("blank4") while recording using Sahi OS, we need to drag image and drop into the layouts one by one.
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