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Sahi with Jenkins issue

Hi, I get this kind of message when I start a job over Jenkins:
Caused by: D:\sahi_pro_runner\userdata\temp\scripts\copied\1572361311311_\qa-automation-sahi\apps\SmartTrac\Desktop\suiteSmarttracDesktop-US-DEV.dd.csv (The system cannot find the path specified)
at Method)
at Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at net.sf.sahi.util.Utils.readFile(
... 12 more
Rhino lib: startMode = JAVA
Rhino lib:Setting mode: JAVA
Rhino lib:
Global include script not found at:
at temp/scripts/staging/qa-automation-sahi/apps/SmartTrac/Desktop/suiteSmarttracDesktop-US-DEV.dd.csv&n=1

Killing D:\sahi_pro_runner\userdata\temp\scripts\copied\1572361311311_\qa-automation-sahi\apps\SmartTrac\Desktop\suiteSmarttracDesktop-US-DEV.dd.csv

global_include file exists in a location in a script folder any help


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