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Problem in data driven testing

edited November -1 in Sahi - Open Source
Hi Narayan,

I have gone through testersdesk and have done one simple data driven test for username and password.
its not working.

When i tried to play the script through sahi controller

I got the message like:
Please open the Controller again.
(Press CTRL ALT-DblClick on the main window.)

So, i have closed the Sahi controller & IE window and re-opened. No use.
but when i tried with other scripts its running smoothly..

Please review my below code.

function login($usr, $pwd){
_setValue(_textbox("txtUser"), $usr);
_setValue(_password("txtPassword"), $pwd);
_click(_submit("Sign In"));

var $data = _readCSVFile("../scripts/Book1.csv");
for (var $i=0; $i<$data.length; $i++)
var $row = $data[$i];
login($row[0], $row[1]);

Thanks and regards,


  • Your script looks fine. As suggested, just close the Controller window, reopen it and try. Don't close your IE window. Is any popup window opened at any point of time? Do you navigate between different domains?
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