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Hello Narayan,

Here in this data driven test i am facing a little bit problem it would be great help if you will spacify why this problem exists.

While i am running test the test becomes successfully but one message is displayed i wanted to know what exactly meaning of this, please review the log:

_setValue(_textbox("uname"), "priya");
_setValue(_password("pword"), "testing123");
saveCondition(_image("eliteemail.gif") != null);
_setValue(_textbox("uname"), "");
_setValue(_password("pword"), undefined);
saveCondition(_image("eliteemail.gif") != null);
--Stopped Playback: SUCCESS--
urchinTracker is not defined

see the last line "urchinTracker is not defined" and could you please explain me what is urchinTracker ???



  • urchinTracker is part of google analytics which captures user statistics.
    It is most probably a part of the application you are testing.

    Is it interfering with your playback? If not, you can ignore it.
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