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parseInt() returns NaN need a hand

RofzillaRofzilla Members
edited May 2018 in Sahi Pro
Hello everyone I need a hand in parseInt department. I'm trying to run a loop until it hits the maxlength of a textbox to generator after a random based on the maxlength. For example if the maxlength of the textbox is 2 it generates a random number between 1 and 99. If it's 4 it generates a random between 1 and 9999 and so on.
The problem is that due to the code it never enters the loop because it's a string and not an Integer.

The code is the following:

$fullname= "testcase"
function maxed()
var $evaluator = document.querySelector($fullname).getAttribute('maxlength');
// The Maxlength is 4
return $evaluator;

var $maxlength = maxed();

var $counter= 0;
for (;counter<maxlength; counter++)
$multiplier *= 10;
$multiplier += 9;

Am I missing any type of code before to include java expressions in Sahi or is this a bug? I've tried a lot of options already. Thank you.


  • i was able to resolve this issue with the following command:

    var $evaluator=_getAttribute (_textbox($elementname), "maxlength");

    I did try with the _set command but without any good result. The only choice was the getAttribute which fortunately worked. I'm using Sahi Pro 7.5.0 and running it in IE11 environment.
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