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_submit reset the value of _textbox

I know this was asked once but there was no feedback. I'm currently trying to make a script in IE11 and one of the issues I'm facing is regarding the _submit option

Everytime I run this script it returns the textbox back to blank:

var $login_username = "username";
_setValue(_textbox("username"), $login_username);

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


  • RofzillaRofzilla Members
    Fixed this issue with _typeNative and made a function to verify the writing in case it "eats" letters while typing.
  • Hi Rofzilla,

    Can you please let us know which Sahi Pro version you are using?

    We do not recommend the usage of the native events, If you can provide us with the credentials and the URL to reproduce the issue, we can help you.
  • I'm using sahi 7.5.0 pro the url I'm using is a company server url that emulates a website in the exterior.

    All I can say is that IE11 testing has been giving me headaches just to make the automated scripting work.

    Plus sometimes I need to make a loop in a certain button due to the Sahi not clicking it and making certain fields not turn visible.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, can you please send your issues to We will schedule a call and fix the issue.
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