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How to bypass IE Security Certificate Error

I have a trusted site that I visit, but I get the IE message bar right above the content saying "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors. Click here for options..." Is there an IE internet options - Security setting that would allow me to bypass this message in the future.

BTW: Is there a reason why I don't see IE, Firefox or Browsers related sections in the drop-down of "Pick a section"?

Please help.

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  • sivanagamaheshsivanagamahesh Members
    edited December 2017
    Declaration mistakes may show up if the time or time zone is wrong on your workstation. You may see the message "The security testament introduced by this site has lapsed or isn't yet legitimate." show up for this situation. Fix it in Windows with these means testing.

    Select "Begin" and sort "Time".
    Select the "Date and Time" alternative.
    On the off chance that the date or time is off base, select "Change date and time… " to transform it. On the off chance that the time zone is erroneous, select "Change date and time… " the change it.
    Select "alright" when done.

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