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Does anyone have a better solution to the "did not complete in 150 seconds" failure?

In case anyone else would like to use my code as a potential work-around to the notorious "did not complete in 150 seconds" crash error, I would like to offer what I am using:
var $FILE_SEPARATOR = "\\";
function relaunchScript(){
var $browser = "chrome";
var $pathBin = _userDataPath("bin", $FILE_SEPARATOR);
var $pathScript = _scriptPath($FILE_SEPARATOR);
var $pathFromScriptsFolderToScript = $pathScript.replace(/.*scripts.(.*)/,'$1');
if ($FILE_SEPARATOR == "/"){
//for mac or linux
//enter your command
//for a Windows environment:
_execute("cmd /K CD " + $pathBin + " & testrunner " + $pathFromScriptsFolderToScript + " http://localhost:9999 " + $browser + " & exit");


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