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way to identify only by class name?

JohnPJohnP Members
edited October 2016 in Sahi Pro
I couldn't figure out a way to identify a node simply by class name. If there is a better way, please post some feedback.
I don't care if it is a div or a span, but if there is something on the page with a specific class name, the best solution I found was to use jquery:


Again, if there is a better way in sahi script, please update this post
I want something to the effect of


  • Today, I can't get the above code to work; the jQuery identifier causes the error:
    "$" is not defined
    so I wrote this as the alternative:

    var $observedText = _getText(_div("class"));
    }else if(_exists(_span("class"))){
    var $observedText = _getText(_span("class"));
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