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Getting `"$myVar" is not defined` error in the second `CreateKeyword`

I created 3 keywords in a .d.csv file with Sahi Editor, however the 2nd keyword failed because the `"$myVar" is not defined` error, while the 1st and 3rd ones were working without any problem.
All my 3 keywords are almost just the same, the only difference is the number of parameters. To test this, you can try with this simple example:
1. Create a `testlib.sah` with only one simple function:

function sum() {
var $result = 0;
for (var $i=0; $i<arguments.length; $i++) {
$result += arguments[$i];
return $result;

2. Create a `test.dd.csv` or `test.xls` file and use `loadSahi` to load the above `testlib.sah`.
3. Create at least 3 keywords with [CreateKeyword] and carries at least one argument.
4. Create at least 1 testcase for each keyword.
5. Playback with the `test.dd.csv` or `test.xls`.
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