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Sahi-Jira Integration


Is there any way to integrate Sahi with JIRA?



  • veeraveera Members

    Sahi is an open-source automation tool for web applications, while JIRA is a popular issue tracking and project management tool. Integrating Sahi with JIRA can be useful for managing test cases, tracking defects, and synchronizing testing activities with project management tasks.

    There are a few approaches you can take to integrate Sahi with JIRA:

    Custom Scripting: Sahi provides a scripting API that allows you to interact with the Sahi framework programmatically. You can write custom scripts to interact with JIRA's REST API and perform actions such as creating issues, updating issue status, adding comments, etc. This approach requires coding skills and familiarity with both Sahi and JIRA APIs.

    JIRA Plugin: Check if there is an existing plugin or add-on available for JIRA that integrates with Sahi. These plugins can provide pre-built functionalities and UI elements within JIRA to interact with Sahi. You can search the Atlassian Marketplace or other relevant plugin repositories to find suitable plugins.

    Custom Integration using Webhooks or APIs: Both Sahi and JIRA offer APIs that allow you to interact with their respective platforms. You can use webhooks, which are HTTP callbacks, to trigger events in JIRA based on actions in Sahi. For example, you can configure Sahi to send a webhook to JIRA when a test fails, creating an issue automatically. Alternatively, you can use the APIs directly to build a custom integration that suits your specific requirements.

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