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Sahi OS V5.0 Release

neeraj_tytoneeraj_tyto Members
edited November 2014 in Sahi - Open Source
Sahi OS V5.0 (2014-06-04) is now available for download. It is a major release and contains many new features and bug fixes.

* Features
* New APIs:
_frame, _fieldset
_getSelectionText, _selectRange, _selectTextRange
_isIE6, _isIE7, _isIE10, _isIE11, _isIE11Plus support
* New and improved Sahi Start Page, Sahi Dashboard and Sahi Controller
* Added Sahi Pro DOCS link on the Sahi Dashboard
* Added notepad++/textpad support for syntax highlighting and Autocomplete features
* Added "domainfix.txt" to the configure link page through the Dashboard
* Added support for Enabling Traffic Logs
* Added support for user_extension.js
* Added "Bin" link on dashboard for MAC
* Added executeSahi API support for Java and Ruby

* Bugfixes
* Sahi compatibility issue with ie 10,11
* Sahi compatibility issue with firefox 20+
* Elements can now be identified with custom attributes using Sahi Controller.
* Proxy setting for Opera browser
* Modified _scriptStartTime() API
* Fixed improper closing dashboard for Mac and Linux.
* Added support to set the proxy on safari browser automatically on Mac.


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